No smoking in the Metrodome



Metropolitan Stadium [x]

I was doing some reading and ran across the story and history of “old” Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It stood on the ground that is now the site of the Mall of America from 1956 until it was demolished in 1985. It was home for the Minnesota Twins (1961-1981), the Minnesota Vikings (1961-1981) and the Minnesota Kicks (1976-1981) of the North American Soccer League. If you’d like to know much more about its history I encourage you to explore the main source from which I got the information and pictures.

The reason this stadium fascinated me so much though is that gap between the time when all its tenets left (1981 - The Twins and Vikings left for the Metrodome, the Kicks folded) and the time when it was finally demolished (1985). The place was left abandoned, unmaintained, and unprotected during those four years. The field and stadium itself were torn apart by fans looking for mementos after its final Vikings home game (the last event at the stadium), in addition to being openly vandalized during its final four years of existence while the city tried to figure out what to do with the site.

The pictures of a stadium - a large, major sports venue that housed an MLB All Star game, the World Series, a Beatles concert, 20 years of professional sports - being in such disarray just struck me as extremely interesting. There are more pictures of the abandoned stadium here.